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95th Anniversary!!

You are invited to a Birthday Celebration

Members of Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater will be hosting guided tours of the theater from 4 – 6 p.m. on Monday APRIL 19thin honor of the Hollywood’s 95thbirthday.

Ninety five years from the day it opened, on April 19, 1926, not much has changed. That is the true hallmark of preservation. For decades board members have been restoring the theater one historic phase at a time. Paying close attention to detail, the theater looks and feels just the way it did in 1926.

Seats are in place, original carpeting has been duplicated, murals and ornate plaster have been cleaned and restored and the beautiful deep, burgundy curtains have been hung.

Yes, we have more to do, but on this special day we would like to welcome the public to see all the progress that has been made and to hear our plans for the future.

We ask that you wear a mask and social distance during your tour of the theater.


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