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Private Film Party Information 
 Private film parties must have a minimum of 10 persons and there is a maximum of 20 persons allowed.
  1. The cost is $10 for persons under 12 and $12 per person over 12.
  2. Payment is due five days prior to your event. (Check or cash/no plastic.) Send payment to Hollywood Theater, P.O. Box 164, Gowanda, NY 14070.
  3. Please let us know in advance if you are going to want us to make popcorn.​
  4. There is no smoking, vaping or open flames permitted anywhere in the building at any time.
  5. NOTHING may be attached to any theater surface. Staples, tacks and tape may never be used.
  6. NO glitter or confetti.
  7. The balcony is NOT open during private parties without prior permission. You may get a tour of the entire theater during your rental.
  8. During rental hours, at least one theater member will be on the premise at all times. Theater staff are on duty to assure the safety of the building and occupants.
  9. Bathrooms will be stocked and disinfected prior to your event.
  10. The theater can provide you with a list of DVD's we have available for viewing or you are free to bring your own DVD.
  11. Concession stand will be open and renters may purchase beverages/popcorn/candy from the theater. 
  13. If you choose to bring in food, (pizza/birthday cake, etc.) it must be eaten in the lobby prior to your movie. Staff will set up tables and chairs ($15 fee). Garbage must be put into the receptacles before you leave.
  14. If you want a message put on the marquee for your party, there will be an additional charge depending on how long you would like the message to run. 1 day/$20, 2 days/$25, 1 week/$50. Please call Amy at (716) 997-5726 with your marquee request at least one week in advance.
  15. The Hollywood Theater is not responsible for injury or lost or stolen property while you are on the premises.
  16. Please contact Lea Golden at 716-983-3965 for available dates.  A rental agreement will be emailed to you if the theater is available.
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