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Students get a behind-the-scenes look at restoration project

Eighteen Gowanda High School students, along with their art teachers, learned first hand the process of restoring art at the Gowanda Historic Hollywood Theater from paint restoration specialist Brett Swiatek of Swiatek Studios on Thursday, May 18.

In the summer of 2016, the theater received a grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo in the amount of $14,800 to restore two 1926 oil murals on the east and west walls of the weather. The murals will be restored back to a "near original condition" as part of theater's restoration effort.

"Students were amazed at the amount of detail and work that goes into preservation and restoration," said Hollywood Theater Project Coordinator Deborah Harris.

Swiatek also explained to students the jobs that are available to those who pursue careers in art. Theater volunteers believe both murals portray Grecian women representing the art of drama and music. There is no signature on the paintings, but it is believed that they were painted by the same artist. The murals, which are approximately 6-feet wide and 11-feet in height, were created with soft colors of oil paint to match the interior color scheme of the theater. ScheduleSchedule

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