In the past, those planning their estates have wished to donate to the Theater. If you or someone you know may be interested in this type of special donation, please contact Vice President of the Hollywood Board, Sal Dicembre, for more information. You can use the contact form at the right and it will submit directly to his email. Thank you!


All donations are tax-deductable.
All proceeds go directly toward the
restoration of the Theater.

PO Box 164

39 West Main Street
Gowanda, NY 14070

Tel: 716-532-6103
Fax: 716-532-6103

Donate to the restoration of Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater!

(Read more about the History of the Theater.)

Gowanda's Historic

Hollywood Theater

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Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater

PO Box 164

39 W Main St.

Gowanda, NY 14070

Tel: 716-532-6103 

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