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Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul visits Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater to discuss Restore

It was a great honor on Thursday, Jan, 27 when Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul came to Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater to hold a presentation on the governor's State of the State address and to discuss Restore NY funding in which the theater is a recipient.

"By preserving the cultural legacy and historical character of our downtowns, Governor Cuomo is breathing new life into old institutions and laying the foundation for future economic success and opportunity," said Hochul.

Theater enthusiasts like Debbie Harris, grant and project administrator, were thrilled with Hochul's visit. "I think it says a lot that Kathy Hochul chose to come to Gowanda. I think Gowanda is getting on the map again and we are doing things right down here," she said. "I don't think anyone who is on the theater board, volunteers or goes to the Historic Hollywood Theater could be more excited right now."Schedule

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