What is Gowanda's Historic Hollywood Theater? 

Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater, Ltd. is a non-profit community group dedicated to the restoration of the Theater.

What's the plan? 

It is the vision and mission of Gowanda’s Historic Hollywood Theater, Ltd. to see the completed theater utilized as a regional center for the visual and performing arts, where families can enjoy movies, concerts and live entertainment. 

What can the community do to help? 

The restoration of the Theater would not be possible without tremendous community support and contribution. Members of the Board are all from the local community and spend most of their free time working to restore this community-centric venue.


Regardless of whether you are from the Gowanda or Western New York Area, any and all contributions are invaluable!


Tax-deductible donations are needed and greatly appreciated! Please see our Donations page.


If you would like to contribute in a non-monetary way, there is always a call for volunteers! Whatever your age, skill set, or availability, there is always a need for help. If interested, please provide your contact information here!


Thank you! Without the community, none of the work expended to restore this gorgeous building would be possible!


Read more about the history of the Theater here!